Mini van airport transfers are becoming more and more popular because of extra comfort, extra luggage space and extra value. Preorder for both Tivat airport and Podgorica airport, or all over Montenegro.

Ideal if you are a bigger family, bigger group of friends, if you like traveling with a lot of luggage or you simply enjoy more space and style. Always perfect for longer distances.

Our must experienced drivers will be at your service whatever your demands are.


Excursions all over Montenegro with perosnal ride, driver and guide.

Perfect for those who enjoy to have everything under control and who doesn't like fixed schedules. Then surely you don't like buses, boring ride, big groups, fixed and limited times, no privacy...

We offer excursions to all attractions in Montenegro and neighboring countries at affordable prices. We can organise for you visits to Boka bay, Skadar lake, Ostrog manastry, Tara kanyon, Dubrovnik in Croatia and many many other very interesting places full of history, beauty, relaxation, fun etc etc...

We can also suggest you some vine tours as Montenegro has very very rich vine history that is underastimated because we are too small and that means not competitive in this era of globalisation.

All excursions are available at your request and anything can be organised.


We can offer you first class car rental service in Montenegro too! Check our offer, you will be impressed.

Montenegro is perfect country to be explored by car rental. Firstly because at every kilometer there are amazing sights. Secondly because Montenegro is very small and every ride is short so you won't be tired after ride. Thirdly it's the cheapest way to enjoy our beauty, especially in mid and low season period. Fourthly, because it's most flexible way.

If you arrive at Tivat airport or Podgorica airport it's the best to preorder a car and ask to be delivered stright to the airport. That way you have big variety of cars to be choosen. If you start looking for car rental upon arrival there is a big chance that you won't find any car available, especially in high season. Also last moment prices are higher because of high demand.

If you rent with us you avoid dealers and brokers so you won't pay commisions to third party.

Also, with renting from us you support eco friendly family business.

Our 12 years in car rental business are guarantee for good prices, good cars and good service.

Rent a car


It’s always difficult when you are visiting one country for the first time. You may be well prepared but things read on internet and first steps in new land are mostly different, especially for Montenegro. That’s why airport taxi transfer is the easiest way to get to your apartment, hotel or resort. Local/airport fares are always higher then if you pre-order a ride, and it’s logical because when you land you don’t have options but to wait a lot for regular taxi car or to pay double or triple. It’s not easy to deal with heavy luggage too...

Every holiday should be relaxing and the first step to that is to organise transportation from the airport and have peace in mind. Preorder your taxi at both Tivat or Podgorica airports and avoid hidden charges and inconvenience. All you have to do is to find a driver holding a plate with your name, let him deal with luggage, sit back and enjoy smooth comfort ride while chating with your friends and family about safe arrival as all our cars are WiFi equipped.

We can also meet you at Dubrovnik airport as it’s very close to Montenegro, or better said Montenegro is to small.