FAQ - Taxi

Is the price for car or passenger?

Price is always for a car. When booking you can see capacity for each car class. Child seat counts as 1 person.


Where will I be picked up/droped off and will I travel alone?

You booked private taxi transfer so you will travel with your group only. Private taxi transfer means door to door service so you will be picked up or dropped off at adress specified in booking. If the adress is not reachable then you will be contacted by phone and met at the nearest point.


What pick up time should I write?

If you are booking a transfer from the airport to resort then you should write flight arrival time. Our drivers will monitor your flight and be there just on time. If you are going from resort to the airport then you should calculate aproximate travel time (visible when booking) – (minus) 2 hours that you have to be before your flight.


How can I know that my booking is accepted?

You will get a confirmation voucher by e-mail in max 24h after you do a booking on web. Voucher is guarantee of your booking. In specific situations transfer can be refused too.


How long will a driver be waiting at the airport?

The driver waits as long as necessary, it is included in the price. Be sure to include the flight number when booking.


Where to find a driver and how?

The driver will be waitin at arrivals part, just at the exit of the airport. He’ll hold a sign inicated in booking.


What if I can’t find a driver?

Traffic is always unpredictable so we are late for max 15 minutes on 3% of bookings. Please call us on phone inicated in your voucher and we’ll sort it out. If there is no possibility to come for you you’ll get your money refunded.


What if I want to change my booking?

Please contact us as soon as possible. For changes less then 24h before travel contact us by phone, if more then 24 hour e-mail changes are possible too.  Last second changes may not be possible.


What if I want to cancell my booking?

Cancellation is possible with full refund of money 48 hours or more before travel. In that case we can send you an invoice if you need to refund money from your airline, operator or insurance company.


I want to pay taxi by credit card. How can I do it?

We can send you a link and you can pay through our web site. Or the driver can drive you to our office in Budva (you won’t waste your time, because almost all roads lead through Budva), payment at the office can be done in les then 5 minutes. VISA and MASTER are acceptable.


Can I book taxi from other cities, not only airport?

Yes, you can book from any city in Montenegro or neighbour countries.


What if my destination is not listed?

Be sure that we can drive you to all destinations. Send us an request all we’ll answer you immidiately.


Is it possible to book child seat?

Yes, child seats can be booked on additional cost. Law of Montenegro doesn’t oblige you to use child seat in taxi vehicle.


How can I know that my personal and card details are safe?

All your details are SSL encripted. Payment page is secured by Pay Pall. We never see your card details so they can’t be neither stored.


Can the invoice be provided?

Yes, we can provide you an invoice. You are required to send us all necessary details for it.


Am I insured?

Yes, we have standard passengers insurance in case of accident.


Can I smoke?

All our cars are non smoking. But for longer trips you can ask the driver to stop for few minutes.


Can I make a reservation by phone?

Yes, but just at the day of arrival.